About Me

My name is Justin Teo a.k.a. the Heretic Capitalist, and I’m currently a student pursuing a degree in banking and finance. I am also an investor as well as an aspiring entrepreneur.

So far, my investments have generated good returns for me, and I’m on track in terms of accumulating capital for my planned business ventures, which will hopefully be launched once I have finished my studies and got some experience under my belt, assuming of course that everything continue to stay on track. But these things are of course nothing to be proud of, as the important thing is sustaining good returns long term, and while it’s good to have a plan, execution is everything.

I might not be successful yet, but I love business and investing, it’s my passion. In these past few years, I have spent a lot of my time reading and learning about business, investing, and successful people in this field. And through this blog, I want to share with you not only the things that I have learned but also the things that I will learn in the future. It is my hope that I will also be able to learn from you through your comments.Note: Because I'm always learning, I may change my stance on some things. So if there's a contradiction between my articles, my newer articles will usually reflect my position.

All I’m doing in this blog is writing business and investing articles about things that I believe make sense. What you think makes sense is of course entirely up to you. Which is how it should be. Rationality, the ability to think for yourself, and independent judgment are after all the things that define us as men.    

I still have a lot to learn and a very long way to go, and I will probably make many mistakes and fail at least a few times. Hell, I might not even succeed in the end. But I can be sure of one thing, win or lose; I know I will always be happy pursuing my passion in life, business. I sincerely hope that you can join me in my journey to attain success.

Thank you for visiting Investrepreneurship, and may you always sustain great returns on your portfolio. Take care.